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Social Innovation
GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal


The Challenge

Based on our two-phased problem validation, almost 90% of the managers of medium and large companies have troubles considering the unique profile of the employees when assigning and monitoring teams. The problem is that managers may know employee's name and their previous experience, but they don't know their soft skills and personality.

The Solution

Managescape is a consulting management tool designed to help managers in making their choices objectively when assigning employees to project teams. The employees will fill in a neuroscientific survey that will create their unique profile, which will be visible only to the managers. The next step for the manager is to register the project on the platform along with the number of employees needed and the skill set required. Consequently, by making use of science and AI algorithms, the best team component is created considering the employee's unique profile as well as the chemistry between members. Our unique selling point is the focus we put on the current employees, so the already existing resources of the company.

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